company profile

Vulcolor Naturfarben GmbH was founded in 2006.

The company domicile and production plant is located in Güssing in the center of the largest elderberry area in Europe. Güssing, situated in the region Burgenland, is worldwide known for being the first completely independent energy town. Electricity and hot water sources are made 100 % from alternative sources! Also Vulcolor Naturfarben GmbH is supplied with renewable energy.

The owners of the plant in Güssing have long experiences in the field of processing fruit juices and concentrates and therefore they can guarantee natural products of highest quality.

Vulcolor fruit juice concentrates and colouring extracts contain the natural red colouring substance of berry fruits. These colouring substances, called “Anthocyanins” are considered the "Vitamins of the 21st Century". They protect vessels, have anti-inflammatory effects, antidiabetic effects, antiviral effects and they improve the night vision. Also the antioxidant power of anthocyanins exceeds even that of the traditional Vitamins C and E. The refinement of food with Vulcolor fruit juice concentrates is therefore an important step to a healthy, natural nutrition.

Vulcolor fruit juice concentrates and colouring extracts are used for colouring and refining the following products:

•    Fruit juice, alcoholic drinks, refreshment drinks
•    Yoghurt, curd/curd cheese and whey
•    Ice Cream and puddings
•    Jellies, goodies and jellied fruits
•    Bars, snacks, biscuits, pastries and cereals
•    Preparation of fruit, sauces and dressings