extracts/elderberry juice concentrates

In the production of concentrates, the natural water content of the fruit juice is extracted through vaporisation. The Brix content of the concentrate varies according to the quantity to be extracted.

Product assortment:

·         Extract of Elderberry  

·         Elder berry juice concentrate 65° blank/cloudy

·         Elder berry juice concentrate 65° blank/cloudy AT-BIO-401

·         Elder flower extract

·         Extracts of Black Currant


·          in the beverage and tea industry for juices, fruit juice beverages, nectars, ice tea, as additive in alcoholic drinks

·         in the confectionery and baking industry for sweets, fruit jellies, chewing sweets, fillings

·         in the dairy and ice cream industry for fruit preparations, icings, desserts

Aseptic, sterile or low on germs packaging:

·         20 litre cans

·         20 litre bucket

·         200 litre drums with aseptic fill bag

·         1000 litre container

·         tanker

It is possible to fill the products in other packaging, if they meet our technical requirements.